The Welch Martial Art Experience (TWE) studio opened in October 2007 in Atlanta, GA. Despite the US economic crisis, Sule had the vision and confidence to follow his passion. After 12 years of Fortune 100 corporate experience in banking and consumer products, earning a Masters Degree in Marketing from the Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University and the untimely death of his mentor during his last corporate position in 2004, Sule was compelled to change his path and share the values and benefits of martial art training with others.

Over 20 years of martial art study and business experience, at that time, uniquely positioned Sule to enter the Atlanta market. In 2010 TWE relocated from Atlanta to Smyrna, GA for 3 years. As more students enrolled TWE searched for the ideal space and community fit and transitioned to a home based business. Upon finding a welcoming small business community and available commercial space, TWE relocated to Sandy Springs, GA resulting in an expansion of the TWE Juniors Martial Art program the launch of Balanced Motion 501(c)(3).

Sule is fulfilling his personal mission to TRAIN (Teach, Research, Apply, Inspire, Nurture) people on the benefits of martial art training for healthy living. Today TWE offers a comprehensive Juniors Martial Art (TWE Juniors) program and small group and private adult martial art classes.



Sule Welch
Sule Welch
  • How much do you charge?
    • Our programs require a monthly investment. You’ll see we intentionally reference ‘students,’ vs. ‘clients/customers’ throughout our website. Although goals vary, TWE students share a common desire to learn and grow. Some want to learn martial art, others (adults & youth) seek improved discipline. Many students seek to become healthier and more fit and others want to stay active as they age. Average cost is $100/month, but many students choose a mix of classes or private training which requires additional time and investment.
  • Do you have a Mixed Martial Art (MMA) program?
    • No, we don’t have a traditional MMA program. Our students aren’t preparing for sport, but our specific martial art programs offer concentrated training in various systems. The TWE format will allow you to enhance your martial art skill, without having to explain bruises and scars to coworkers, friends or family members.
  • Do you teach kickboxing?
    • Yes we teach kickboxing, but different from cardio kickboxing exercise classes you find at a gym. We simultaneously SWEAT & THINK! Our various cardio based classes are taught by martial art instructors not aerobics or boot camp instructors. The TWE approach provides students with total mind/body training and HIIT intervals without risking repetitive reps that often result in overuse injuries. We also provide a variety of equipment and training partner formats to keep students mentally engaged. Our students enjoy immersing themselves by challenging their brain while developing body feel and skills that keep them growing, wanting more and therefore coming back!
  • What ages do you teach?
    • Martial art can be learned by anyone at any age. Our youngest students are 6. Our most senior students are in their 70’s and 80’s and many have been TWE students 5+ years and are still gaining new benefits. Our Juniors classes are small and segmented by age for greater benefits. Our adult classes have no age limit.
  • No outdoor shoes allowed in the studio, but indoor training shoes are required
  • TWE uniform required for ALL classes – except Martial Fitness® (indoor training shoes required)
  • No Chewing Gum or Food on the training floor
  • Any Non-studio purchased equipment must be approved by studio instructors prior to use
  • No sharing equipment – we sell starter packages and offer equipment recommendations
  • Protective gear must be worn during ALL sparring sessions
  • Parents are not allowed on the training floor during Juniors classes
  • Personal Protection equipment: Face Masks, Gloves (or boxing gloves), Focus Mitts, & Goggles must be worn during ALL training classes

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