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August 2020



We (humans) are complex in our behavioral nature due to our need for connection as well as our desire for independence. Though we all may share common events and circumstances that shape our lives, each is unique because we are ALL unique. One persons life changing epiphany may only graze the surface of another persons [...]

DISCOVERING OUR OWN TRUTH2020-08-20T13:08:26-06:00

Can Empathy Be Taught?


Empathy: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. How do you know when someone gets IT? Yesterday my student earned her first white belt.  As we applied hand sanitizer and a approached the exit, my other student (a yellow belt w/ a younger sister who earned her white belt a few months [...]

Can Empathy Be Taught?2020-08-19T09:07:48-06:00

July 2020



When most people first decide to take a 'self defense' class or enroll in a martial art program, one of the many things they fear or problem they want to solve is, "How do I not get hit, held, controlled by the hand(s) or something in the hand(s) of an attacker?"  This is where [...]

IT’S NOT ABOUT THE HAND2020-07-09T12:25:40-06:00

French Boxing & Cane Workshop


The Welch Martial Art Experience is proud to host the return of French Savate & Le Cane with Professor Salem Assli.  Please plan to join us September 12th & 13th 2020! What could be more socially distant than learning self defense with the shoes on and extending your reach with a 40+ inch walking stick [...]

French Boxing & Cane Workshop2020-07-06T15:43:39-06:00

November 2017

Holiday Stress


As I write this, it is three days before Thanksgiving. The noose is tightening, as the holidays get closer, and bring a good friend – Stress! Thanks to the dramatization of television and the melodramatic postings on social media, everyone embraces the notion holidays are stressful and can lead to severe depression. And it’s absolutely [...]

Holiday Stress2017-11-24T10:40:03-06:00

October 2017

Anti-Bully Benchmarks & Tips


“Bullying is associated with negative consequences that can last far longer than the years a child spends in school…” -Coach Kevin Kearns, Always Picked Last Has your child come home crying because a child was mean at school? Have you overheard mean comments on the playground? How responsible are we as parents, for these comments [...]

Anti-Bully Benchmarks & Tips2017-10-25T21:27:47-06:00

September 2017



Kindness If you have children or have worked with or been around them for extended periods, you know they do and say some pretty interesting things. There are massively popular threads that deal with wild things kids have said. “Kids Say The Darndest Things” ran as a segment on Art Linkletter’s radio show “House Party” [...]


August 2017

H.A.T.E. – Hurtful Actions Through Experiences


How To Talk About Hate “Hate” makes for hard conversations. Often times, it is a difficult concept to understand. It’s a hard word to define. A hard word to experience. The whole concept of hate is painful, confusing, and causes all different kinds of thoughts and emotions in all different people. We define the term [...]

H.A.T.E. – Hurtful Actions Through Experiences2017-08-26T13:04:58-06:00

July 2017

Finding Strength In Stillness


Finding Stillness Everyday, the modern world becomes more and more connected, more and more plugged in. In every adult’s pocket is a flat rectangular box that literally connects them to everything and everyone at all times. The internet has become the penultimate source of communication and information worldwide. All of this connection is at our [...]

Finding Strength In Stillness2017-07-04T13:18:41-06:00

June 2017

What is the “BEST” Martial Art?


What is the best Martial Art? Recently, a highly publicized bout between a Chinese MMA fighter and a Chinese Tai Chi master shook the Chinese martial art community causing a great deal of conversation worldwide. MMA fighter Xu Xiaodong openly stated many traditional Chinese martial arts were overly commercialized, and accused the old style masters [...]

What is the “BEST” Martial Art?2017-06-15T11:01:09-06:00