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May 2017

SAFE Family Word


Just about everyone has heard the phrase “stranger danger”. Everyone knows to stay away from strangers, that strangers are people we don’t know who could potentially hurt us. As children, we’re taught this in schools, by parents, at church or sports practices or on television – everywhere. The problem is, statistically the person most likely [...]

SAFE Family Word2017-05-30T11:58:56-06:00

March 2017

Diversity, Inclusion and Martial Art


Next month, Elmo will be palling around with a brand new friend on Sesame Street: A Muppet named Julia. Julia is four years old with red hair and green eyes, and she likes to paint and pick flowers. Julia has autism. The character of Julia was introduced to the world last year during Sesame Street’s [...]

Diversity, Inclusion and Martial Art2017-03-23T13:29:07-06:00

February 2017

Martial Art Foundations: CONFIDENCE


Martial Art and Confidence Our Juniors’ classes stress a different core value weekly. We call it “the theme of the week.” Last week, our theme was Confidence, which we defined as “believing in yourself.” That self belief – that confidence – is hugely important to developing youth, and has a profound affect on their lives. [...]

Martial Art Foundations: CONFIDENCE2017-02-17T08:02:48-06:00

January 2017

Martial Art vs. Depression


"Can Martial Art training help fight depression?” Prozac and competitors have accumulated >$10 Billion in annual sales and reshaped the clinical treatment of depression. A Growing body of medical research, including 3 studies back in 2005 (by The American Psychological Association) showed aerobic and weightlifting routines were effective in combating depression. What the research shows [...]

Martial Art vs. Depression2017-01-27T15:59:41-06:00

Martial Fitness® Challenge for Kids!


Sijo Bruce Lee was famously quoted as saying that fitness was the most neglected area of athletic training. At The Welch Martial Art Experience (TWE), we strongly believe in the importance of fitness for all of our students, adult and child alike. Last year, we launched our Martial Fitness® challenge based on the formula created [...]

Martial Fitness® Challenge for Kids!2017-01-17T20:21:06-06:00

3 Benefits of Deep Relaxation


The next time you feel the need to 'tune out' and grab a moment of quiet time, or feel you just "don't have the time", remind yourself of all the benefits relaxation can have for your body.  Meditation can help achieve a state of deep relaxation where tension is released from the body on a [...]

3 Benefits of Deep Relaxation2017-01-13T15:21:16-06:00

Recovery is as (if not MORE) important as training


Yes, martial art training can be a key component to the art of self defense as well as strength and aerobic training. I also believe a key area provided many martial art based regimens lies in the art of stretching and recovery. Recovery balances the immune and hormonal systems, aids digestion and facilitates the removal [...]

Recovery is as (if not MORE) important as training2017-01-02T21:02:42-06:00

December 2016

Should I get in shape before trying a martial art class?


Trying to answer the question, "should I get in shape before trying a martial art?"  with a yes or no, or going further by trying to develop a workout that will get you "ready" to try a martial art will not answer the REAL question driving the curiosity about martial art classes. A simple answer [...]

Should I get in shape before trying a martial art class?2016-12-01T05:14:33-06:00