“Can Martial Art training help fight depression?”

Prozac and competitors have accumulated >$10 Billion in annual sales and reshaped the clinical treatment of depression. A Growing body of medical research, including 3 studies back in 2005 (by The American Psychological Association) showed aerobic and weightlifting routines were effective in combating depression. What the research shows about the benefits of exercise to treat depression:

  • Exercise was beneficial both immediately and long term
  • Exercise was most effective for the most physically/psychologically unhealthy at the start of the exercise program
  • Exercise was equally effective for both genders
  • The longer the program and greater number of sessions, the greater decrease in depression

Studies also show there is a round the clock relief that sets in several weeks after the establishment of a regular routine.  The built in repetition and variety of exercises provided in martial art and Martial Fitness® training help to develop a regular routine.

January issue of Journal of Preventive Medicine suggested 30min p/day of exercise 6 days per week might be ideal (amount currently recommended by the federal government).  Unfortunate reality is depression is the primary cause of suicide – one of the top 12 causes of death, with a burden on society and patients second only to heart disease.  And between 20-30% of depression patients don’t respond to medication after a year, based on a Harvard medical school physicians findings.

A diagnostic evaluation and getting your mood stabilized is as important as adding a good exercise regimen because combining antidepressant treatments is more effective than single treatments. However if exercise proves to be as mildly as effective as medication it could prove to be an ideal treatment for the following reasons, exercise is:

  • Less expensive than medicine
  • Doesn’t cause sexual dysfunction
  • Doesn’t cause side effects when combined with other medicines
  • Is better for cardiovascular health
  • Is better for waistline management

Consider finding something you enjoy that is also good for you and keeps your brain and body moving.  Of course we recommend our classes in Martial Fitness®, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Filipino Martial Art, Capoeira, Jun Fan Gung Fu Jeet Kune Do, Tai Chi or Hapkido. But also encourage you to find a martial science regimen that will keep your brain and body craving more!