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Not everyone wants a black belt, but everyone wants to be strong and healthy. Martial Fitness® is designed to help everyone FIGHT FOR YOUR HEALTH! A trademarked program based on the belief that fitness potential is unrealized in most people because it is dormant NOT hidden….Martial Fitness® will wake it up!



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The TWE Juniors program is based on fundamental skill development tools that reward your child regardless of physical ability or athleticism. We believe martial art training is a cornerstone for personal development and enhances a child’s ability to learn mentally and grow physically. Providing your child with early tools for improving fine and gross motor skills builds their self-confidence, while furthering social, psychological and physical development. Incremental rewards (i.e. belts) are built into the program but not rewarded based on participation or competition. Instead our program allows Juniors to earn rewards at their own pace of growth development and comprehension from beginner through Junior Black Belt.



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A Chinese art form providing low impact, self-paced method to stimulate body energy (Qi) that builds internal strength and resolve to manage and aid in preventing chronic health conditions. Benefits include improved posture, breathing, balance/fall prevention, vitality and a relaxing way to manage stress. Our Tai Chi program was developed by Dr. Paul Lam, M.D. and taught by a certified USA Tai Chi Association instructor. Our teaching methods are also endorsed by the Arthritis Foundations of USA, UK, and Australia, CDC and American Council on Aging.



woman practicing wing chun kung fu

This Chinese martial art system was developed by a buddhist nun (Ng Mui) using efficient techniques to apply self defense principles. As a self defense system emphasis is placed on body position, reflexes, sensitivity, flexibility, efficiency and leverage vs. strength. Developing these attributes provide a solid self defense system in the hand of a trained student.



two men who practice jeet kune do

Bruce Lee incorporated various techniques from a variety of systems (i.e. Wing Chun, Northern & Southern Mantis, Choy Li Fut, Eagle Claw, Boxing, Wrestling, Fencing, Judo, Jiujitsu, Savate and Northern & Southern Chinese kicking systems) to express and created his Jeet Kune Do (J.K.D.). As an innovator martial art researcher and fighter his personal path led to a philosophy of combat that has sustained its relevance on a global scale. JKD is the art and philosophy of the late Sijo (Founder) Bruce Lee (a.k.a. Lee Jun Fan). Thanks to the tireless exploration, research, teachings of Sijo Bruce Lee and his protege Sifu Dan Inosanto the system continues to grow across a global instructor network who share the material and have evolved the curriculum. The training methods focus on ranges of combat (Kicking, Punching, Trapping, Grappling), incorporate blunt (stick, cane, staff), edged (knife, sword) and flexible (scarf, flail, rope) weaponry for personal protection and self improvement. The techniques personally used by Bruce Lee are referred to as Jun Fan Gung Fu to express his Jeet Kune Do. As a certified Instructor of the International Inosanto Martial Art Instructor Association Sifu Welch has developed his personal expression of JKD into a Phase program to help you discover and express your J.K.D….are you ready to Become The Change You Seek?



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As a martial science and self defense method (hidden in dance) Capoeira dates back to the 1600’s when enslaved Africans and indigenous people of Brazil were captured to work on Sugar Cane plantations for Portuguese invaders. The camouflaged dance, play and musical integration delivers combative and uplifting energy for the mind, body and spirit. Our classes are open to men, women and children (8 and older). Professor Sule is an original member of Cordao De Ouro Atlanta/Volta por cima founded/established by Mestre Muriel Ribeiro in 2006 in Atlanta.


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