“My daughter has dyslexia and while she is by no means in the tom-boy category, I believe martial art provides her an outlet for some of the frustration she goes through at school and with tutors. At first it was a daily fight to get her to go, but now she has evolved into taking Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I’ve watched a girl that started out very shy and coy a couple of years ago blossom into this young woman that is no longer shy when it comes to interacting with new students or challenges. In a nutshell, one of the happiest things for me as a father has been watching my daughter learn to fight for herself”
– Durkin Family (Juniors Testimony)

post2 “I have studied Sun style Tai Chi under Sifu Sule Welch since July 2014. I undertook my Tai Chi journey with the specific intent of maintaining agility and balance as I grow older. I am 77 years old and dealing with the effects of osteoarthritis in both knees. I found Sule by chance and elected to study with him because of his calm, confident demeanor. I knew that I would learn better in a “journey-oriented” environment than in the “destination-oriented” environment, so common in western fitness programs. Sule provides that opportunity. Sule is a firm, but gentile, mentor. He stresses that the full benefits of the Sun form can only be realized through its proper execution, and guides his students to achieve competence through precision. I have never seen him grow impatient or intolerant, and he is ever willing to “…go over it one more time,” when requested. I am pleased with my decision to study with Sule and with my outcomes so far. I have regained some of my ability to balance and am much more aware of my body position and weight shift when moving. I look forward to each coaching session and plan to continue indefinitely.”
– Roy Autry, Ph.D. (Tai Chi testimony)

post2 “I wanted my son to pursue martial arts primarily to develop his character; to see him improve his confidence, focus and discipline in addition to physical coordination. My son had tried other local martial arts programs for kids and they all felt like “belt mills” to collect fees with little actual instruction. I had selected TWE for myself for the quality of instruction and was happy to see a juniors class with the same teaching philosophy, senior instructor engagement, and high standards. TWE has helped my son with all that and more and we are happy to be part of the TWE family!”
– Lin Family (Juniors Testimony)

post2 “Sule’s positive attitude, discipline, professionalism and ability to relate to others, make people enjoy learning from him as a martial artist and appreciate his ability as a truly gifted teacher and martial artist.”
– Francis Fong (Owner, Francis Fong Academy) (Teacher Testimony)

post2 “The Welch Martial Art Experience, Inc.’s presentation of S.A.F.E. workshops to our group of thirty employees was professional, on target for our group’s needs, and great value for the time and money spent. Not only did he teach us how to be more aware of our personal safety, but he gave us some very usable instruction on what to do when you feel you are put in a compromising position. One of the big take-aways for me was the importance of using my voice to be positive and assertive. As our group’s training coordinator, I have had experience with many trainers. Coach Sule was probably the most well organized and professional trainer with whom I’ve dealt. I would definitely recommend this class and even go so far as to say that if it allows one person to stay safe, your company cannot afford to not provide this training.”
– Lin Goen, Manager, Southern Company – Financial & Contract Services (TWE S.A.F.E. Testimony)

post2 “Martial art has been such a guiding force for our family! Besides the obvious exercise, our son and daughter are learning leadership skills, healthy eating habits, support for each other – all while being exposed to different cultures. We are thrilled our family is a part of the stellar TWE community..and that an activity my husband and I began together before we had children is now a family activity!”
– Bryant Family, 2006-2020 (TWE JUNIORS Testimony)

post2 “Mind body balance in hostile situations is vital to personal safety and civilian protection for law enforcement officers. As an experienced instructor, I have witnessed Sule’s ability to teach people and unlock potential, I highly recommend TWE.”
– Billy Jack Rucks, Founder, One Source Progressive Fighting (TWE S.A.F.E. Testimony)

post2 “I have attended the S.A.F.E. Self-Defense workshop twice. I was so enthused about it that I wanted my two best friends to have the same experience and they both attended with me. I have also encouraged everyone in my neighborhood to take the class. I am sixty-ish and probably appear to be an easy target, but I am so much more aware of people around me – especially in shopping malls. This awareness is because of the workshop. I feel confident too that I could make it awfully difficult for someone to overpower me. Thinking about and practicing what you would do is invaluable. I wish my daughter and nieces lived in Atlanta, I would give them the workshop for Christmas.”
– Isaac A. (TWE S.A.F.E. Testimony)

post2 “Taking the Self-Defense workshop with Coach Sule was one of the best ‘self-care’ workshops I’ve taken. We like to believe we live in a safe world where people are good, but that’s not how the real world works. I learned how to be more aware of my environment, other people’s behavior, and to heed and trust the warning sign called ‘instinct’. I also learned techniques to protect myself in physically dangerous situations and how to avoid these situations. I felt so strongly about the benefits from this workshop that I encouraged 4 friends to attend the workshop as well and they too experienced the benefits first hand. I strongly urge all women, of all ages, to take Coach Sule’s S.A.F.E. Self-Defense Workshop series – you will thank yourself for doing so.”
– Marti H. (TWE S.A.F.E. Testimony)

post2 “Like many other parents, my husband and I hold the responsibility of rearing kind, responsible and compassionate children as our most important in life. Our son Luke started taking classes at The Welch Experience last summer. The instruction he receives is so much more than martial arts training, which is in itself a tremendous discipline. Character is taught, integrity, discipline, self-awareness and respect for others is encouraged. As Luke develops his own value system, it is essential that he is supported and corrected by people who share similar beliefs and values as my husband and I. We believe TWE is a place where all children can learn what they need to thrive and how to stay in line with their character in the tough situations they will inevitably face.”
– Kay Gause-Stanley 2018-2020 (TWE Juniors Testimony)

post2 “WELLNESS: SELF DEFENSE CLASS – A BIG ‘HIT’! Tues, September 30, PCNA employees spent their lunch break learning how to be more aware of their surroundings. Coach Sule, Head Instructor of The Welch Martial Art Experience, came to demonstrate methods of self-defense. This basic stance and assertiveness training are the building blocks of a solid self-defense strategy. Coach Sule taught his organization’s philosophy to self-defense as “S.A.F.E. – or Survive, Aware, Familiar, Escape.” In order to survive an attack, the victim must be aware of his/her surroundings to potentially evade the possibility of becoming a victim. He acknowledged the male attendees while pointing out that their awareness and ability to react is just as important to practice as for female attendees’. Coach Sule stressed the importance of maintaining your physical abilities through regular exercise pointing out that when questioned, most individual’s response that they would simply run from an aggressor…but how far could you run without getting winded? Could you outrun an attacker up a flight of stairs? Coach Sule’s teaching methods were educational and fun. We hope to see more of him in the future!”
– Erin Thomas, HR Director, Porsche Cars, North America (TWE S.A.F.E. Testimony)

post2 “For multiple years I’ve had the opportunity to train under Sifu Welch and watch him train others. From day one his experience and knowledge was evident. Sifu has a special ability to break down complex movements into manageable components. This allows you to easily pick up and understand the different movements allowing you to transition your new skills into functional movement. If you’re looking for quick hands, better body awareness and skills that transition beyond the training floor, there isn’t anyone better than Sifu Welch.”
– Jason Paris, M.S., CSCS (GATech Football Strength & Conditioning Coach)

post2 “Sule Welch has been my student for 18 years and is a current instructor under me in the Filipino Martial Arts and The art of JunFan Gung Fu – JKD. Sule has expanded his martial art training with Sifu Francis Fong in Wing Chun and in the art of Capoeira. During his training, Sule has developed an expertise in reflex, agility and mobility training, which is essential for any high school or college football team training program. Sule’s expertise would be a valuable asset to any team or program in assisting in the development of strength, conditioning, timing, reflex and agility which is useful and needed for a football team.”
– Dan Inosanto, Founder and Head Instructor The Inosanto Academy Of Martial Arts Marina del Rey, California (Teacher Testimony)

post2 “Our 17-year old son has trained with Coach Sule for 5 years. We have been amazed at the breadth of life skills our son has learned while working toward achieving martial art milestones at time unknown to him. We knew when Sam began three was a strong mental component of martial art, but we did not fully understand the positive impacts it would have on the young man he has become. Not only has he gained physical strength and agility, perhaps more importantly he has seen the benefits of perseverance and discipline, resulting in his improved performance and attitude toward academics. He has learned that continued effort is required to achieve his goals and that the work doesn’t stop there, but there are always new things to learn and ways to improve. The Welch Experience does not award ‘participation trophies,’ so students know when they are recognized for achievement, it is because they have done the difficult physical and mental work. Sam has gained self-confidence and continued to advance, mature and progress to training with adults. Additionally he has earned opportunities to work with younger kids to pass on what he has learned which have improved his leadership and communications skills. The resource we have provided to allow Sam to train with TWE have truly been an investment in his future.”
-Kelly and Steve Caffarelli 2014-2020 (TWE Teacher Testimony)

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